Monday, April 16, 2012

Jeep Reveal

To say that Addison is in love with Jeeps would be an understatement.  She screams with excitement any time she sees a Jeep.  So we knew exactly what she needed for her 3rd Birthday - a Jeep.  However, we didn't want to spend +$300 on a Jeep that the girls would probably only be interested in for a year.  Off to Craigslist I went.  After weeks of looking, I came across one for $115.  Yipee!  It looked great.  Jordan went and picked it up and we put it in the front bedroom (the one that Addison never goes in).  It was in there for a few days before "the discovery."  Jordan had gone in the room to shred something and she thought she say a lawn mower.  Later that afternoon I was in the kitchen, Landry was taking a nap, and Jordan was in our room working.  It got real quiet and after a few minutes I went to go look for her.  As I was calling her name, she yells "Mom, look it's a Jeep."  She was so excited.  I wish I could have captured that moment on camera (which I would have been able to do if she hadn't been nosy).  

With the Jeep being discovered early we didn't have the battery charged, so she had to wait till the next day to drive it.  The lack of battery didn't stop them from discovering every square inch of it that day.  She was in love.  

So the following day we let her venture out with the Jeep.  We knew she had no idea how to drive it, so we headed to a large field about 2 houses down from our house and just let her go.  She ran into the neighbor's fence and trees.  It was hilarious.  By the time Landry got up from her nap, Addison was ready for her second Jeep adventure.  She did much better and Landry loved it (see video below).  

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