Thursday, August 9, 2012

William Weekend

While William was here we took advantage of the pool.  I'm pretty sure that's the main reason he came to see us.  Either way, we'll take it.  The girls have been able to spend a lot of time with William this summer and boy do they enjoy it.  Addison's accent is getting "country" because she's been around William a lot.  It's so funny to hear the twang.
It had just stormed, so it was really cool out.  We didn't take a chance with Landry, so she didn't get to swim one night.  My mom, however, let her walk on the pool steps in her Crocs and shorts.  Grandmas can get away with that.  
 William was a little fish.  He was everywhere.  I thought he might try the fast, blue slide but it was a no go this year.  Maybe next year.
 Daddy and Addison.  She started swimming by herself without freaking out, so her daddy got her a Spiderman lunchbox.  She was so excited.  From that moment on, she has been swimming everywhere on her own.

Nothing like a little ice cream after a hard swim.

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