Monday, September 17, 2012

1st Day School: Fall 2012

The girls started Parents Day Out ("PDO") on September 4th at a new church.  Jordan and I were very excited to get them closer to the house and to a more structured and overall better program.  We liked Garland and Addison still goes once a week there but overall we are happy we made the switch.  I'll post more about what they're up to in PDO in a different post.

Of course our girls don't want to pose at all for pictures these days.  When does that change?  

Sorry for the blurriness, but this is the best one that came out

Someone was super excited about getting to go UPSTAIRS for her class.  She literally ran up the stairs as fast as she could.  Oh the little things in life.
I love these girls!  I pray that there hearts will be filled with the love of God and they will learn more about his grace this year.

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