Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Girls Will Play

The few Fridays nights within the past month the girls and I have had girl time.  We miss Daddy, but the girls will play when Daddy's away.

Jordan is not big on going inside fast food restaurants (i.e. McDonald or Chick-fil-A) to let the girls play, so when he's gone Mommy is determined to get those girls in the play area.  They love it and I enjoy watching them interact with the other kids.  I also think you need to take your kids out to eat so they can learn how to act in a restaurant.  I'm not saying McDonalds is a fancy restaurant, but they get the concept.

Both of them do very well at sitting and eating and waiting to go play until they are done eating.  Once they are in the play area, Landry is climbing and at the very top.  Addison however doesn't go past the second step.  Their personalities are so evident even in the play area.  

Addison being a good big sister

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