Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In The Life of Addison

The BIG sister is 3 1/2
She is a hoot and makes us laugh constantly.  If she's not talking, she's singing and dancing.

Starves for attention and affirmation - every kid right?
Loves popsicles, suckers, chocolate
Knows her ABCs, counts to 12 consistently, can spell a few words, and recognize what words start with sometimes
Daddy's girl
Still doesn't like to get her hair washed but will do it
Likes Spiderman
Plays babies all the time
Starting to play more and more with Landry everyday
Rides her tricycle all the time
Really enjoying MDO this year
Knows how to run our iPhones
Wearing 7.5 shoe
Still doesn't eat well, but will eat snacks all day (her Daddy all over)
Loves to learn new things and constantly asking questions (i.e. But why?  Where are we?)
Head strong, but kind heart
Favorite things: fire trucks, ambulances, tractors (as of now I don't think she'll be a girly girl)

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