Thursday, December 5, 2013

Landry's 3rd BirthDAY

What a third birthday Landry had on Monday.  She has been so excited about her birthday for weeks.  We haven't had her party yet (thank to the winter storm), but we sure did have fun on Monday.  

Landry woke up to Jonah, the elf decorating the Christmas tree in streamers and leaving her a note from Santa Claus.

 Balloons everywhere outside her door

 May be as close as we get to a real "forsie"

 Trip to Party City to get party supplies

 Her favorite color right now - orange

 We went to Firewheel to ride the train around the center of the shopping center but it was not there, so we decided to eat cookies by the fountain and play on the playground.

 To these two, there's nothing better.  Eating McDonalds at the park

Then I decided to brave the movies with them.  We have never taken them before.  We saw Frozen, super cute movie.  We had potty break 3 times and missed the last 5 minutes of the movie because of potty time and they were ready to go.

After the movie, we ran to Kroger to pickup cupcakes for Landry to take to MDO on Tuesday.  Once we pulled into the driveway, Addison asked to go get her toes painted.  So we ended our day with a pedicure.   

 The new nail salon at just opened the day before.  It was great.  They had slush drinks for the girls and a margarita for me. 

We had a great day.  I will always remember this day.  Landry is growing up so fast, and I really do not have a baby anymore.  She is tons of fun and laughs all the time.  Post of her being 3 is soon to come.  We love you Landry Belle.

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