Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Eve

I always knew having kids would add to the excitement of Christmas, but this year it really hit home.  These girls were super duper excited that Santa was coming to their house.  Santa was talked about for more than a month, even though they won't come close to talking to him.  

I had planned on making cookies for Santa with the girls, but we got home from New Boston earlier in the day and I didn't feel like doing it and I needed to run to Target.  Santa loves Target cookies right?  Who doesn't love anything from Target.  So Addison got to pick out the cookies for Santa at Target, while Landry took a nap.

Addison had to put her touch on the letter to Santa.  In the letter she wanted to tell him to be careful and her new mouse hat had to be a signer of the letter as well.  This girls imagination sometimes.
A little table for Santa's goodies.  Someone is beyond excited in this picture?  Guess who?

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