Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MeeMaw & Grandaddy Christmas

What a great Christmas we had with my family this year.  Everyone was healthy, happy, and life was just down right good.  It felt like a "normal" Christmas and it made my heart melt.  The girls came out of New Boston with way too many toys but full of smiles.  The food, the fellowship, and laughter were just what we needed. 
This guitar and microphone have been a huge hit.  This girl could sing until she turns blue.
Landry tried to fit into the doll house.  That's not going to work sister.
Cousin William with his new basketball and basketball goal.
New bicycle that carries her baby too.  The baby carry is totally what made the bike.

My dad's new flame thrower.  Haha

Stocking stuffer.  Yeah MeeMaw

Jordan's liquid therapy.  This guy goes into depression if he doesn't get a glass of chocolate milk before he goes to bed.

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