Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Was She Thinking?

As I have posted before, we are in the potty training process with Landry right now.  She has done really well and has caught on pretty fast for the most part.  I really think she'll be fully potty trained by 2 1/2, but she does some things sometimes that just baffle your mind.

She loves to go to the potty by herself and doesn't want help.  She does it ALL  on her own.  Well, we had an interesting day yesterday.  This might be too much information, but I have to document this.  Gingy said she did really well except going #2 in her pants twice yesterday.  What?  Really?

So last night we were outside talking to the neighbor on the front steps and she decides to walk around to the driveway and go into the garage.  She comes around the corner a few minutes later with no panties on.  Before the neighbor (a man) can see her rear end, I grab her and go put pants on her again and then we go back outside.  We talk to the neighbor a little bit more and I notice she's headed up the driveway again.  I knew the tv was on inside and many times she'll go inside and watch by herself.  I thought for sure that's what she was doing.  The next thing I know she comes around the corner again with no clothes on.  Of course, the neighbor sees her this time.  Seriously girl?  What's going on?

I run across the yard to pick her up and carry her inside and as I round the corner, she has gone #2 all over the driveway.  She has already stepped in it and touched it.  At this point I just grab her and laugh. What else do you do?  She acts like she's Buddy the dog.  We DO NOT go potty outside like the dog.  

What are we going to do with this girl?  I'm hoping this is a one time incident and I won't have to "document" something like this again.  Oh child of mine.  I love you!

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