Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Up Up and Away

This past weekend was very windy.  We spent a little bit of time outside at the Fairview outdoor mall and flying a kite.  While we were at Dillards we went up to the second floor.  When it was time to go we headed towards the escalator and I had both girls hands to take a step onto the escalator to descend to the first floor.  Little Miss Addison decided to get nervous and scared and let go of my hand.  So she stood at the top of the escalator while Landry and I headed down.  Talk about freak out.  Addison was freaking out.  We had to finish our ride down because this momma could not run back up towards the top with a 2 year old in my arms.  So while we were riding down and then having to walk around to get on the escalator that went up, Addison was screaming.  People were looking at us and wondering what the heck I had done to her.  We finally made it down but it was one of those moments that makes you a nervous wreck.

Little chilly
Dancin girl

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