Thursday, April 11, 2013

Old Red Barn

When we went home for Easter, my dad told us that he was going to be tearing down an old barn that my Grandaddy built back in the 50s.  I can remember like it was yesterday riding in my Grandaddy's truck down the dirt road to get to the farm.  We would sit on the edge of our bench seat and wait to see who get see the farm first over the hill.  Once we got to the farm, he would get out of the truck and tell us just to go drive around and come back in a little while.  After about 30 minutes we would come back up to the barn where he would tell us we were driving to fast and to be more careful around the cows.  The old red barn is a staple to the farm, so I wanted to make sure we captured a few pictures of it while it was still standing.

The other thing Grandaddy wouldn't let us do is hang on the gates.  Oh how times have changed.

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