Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So what has this little girl been up to lately?

  • Keeps Mommy & Daddy guessing what mood she's going to be in from one minute to the next
  • Talking nonstop and making sure you hear her every word
  • Favorite words/phrases right now: shampoo, oopsadaisy, sit down now, wash hands, Addison potty, please, thank you
  • Very good at changing subjects when she's getting in trouble (I think I know where she gets that from - his name starts with a J)
  • Loves to show and tell you everything that she is doing
  • Becoming more independent
  • Getting the hang of potty training - meaning she's telling us that she needs to go and holding it until we get to the potty.  We're not quite there all the way, but I think this is a big step forward.
  • Wants to help feed Landry and starting to want to involve Landry is her activities and show her what she's doing
  • Always wants to be outside, especially in the water.  Helps water the flowers
  • Starting to sit for longer periods of time to watch a movie (15+ minutes)
  • Favorite foods: pizza, brocoli, ice cream, cheese chex mix

Her first real ponytail

Best Buds
Not wanting to take a picture after church - "No Way, No Way" were exact words

It's been so hot lately that I've let her just play in the sink in the kitchen with spoons, bowls, etc. to keep her entertained.  Daddy's not really a fan, but let's it slide.

"Look at what I can do"
This girl loves to eat spaghetti sauce plain

That's just water

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