Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Miss Addison Lea will be getting her a new bed this weekend.  Her great Aunt Deb and great Uncle Rene bought her a new headboard from Pottery Barn for her birthday.  She is so excited to get her "big" bed.  She's already in a twin bed, but this will move her up to a queen bed.  Thanks Aunt Deb and Uncle Rene!

Since she's getting a bigger bed that meant that we had to order a new mattress.  We're going to be moving the queen mattress in the guest room to Addison's room and the new one will go in the guest room.  My mom, which is the one that sleeps on it the most, got to go mattress shopping with us for Mother's Day to pick out "her" new mattress.  Hope you like it Mom!!!  It's not a Sleep Number, but it's definitely a step above what she has now (not much cushion).

Now that she's getting a new bed, I've got to get on the ball of finding her new bedding and curtains.  I thought I would paint her room and start all over, but now I've decided to try and find bedding that will go with the paint color.  It's hard to find bedding that's not too old looking but not Dora themed.  Let the search begin.

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