Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Little Fish

Landry has become quite the little swimmer this summer.  Both girls had swim lessons for seven days (periodically).  The lady, Stephanie Owens was so patient.  The first few days were not good at all for Landry.  Gingy took the girls to their first four visits and Landry yelled "Gingy" the entire 30 minute session she had.  After we saw a video of her yelling the entire time, Jordan and I decided that it might be best if we took them to their lessons and got in the pool with the instructor to help out in any way possible.  Stephanie was not only patient with the girls but us also.  She taught us a lot and showed a lot of things to work on with the girls.  The videos below show how great Landry is doing.  Addison was being a rear end last night at lessons so she didn't get camera time.  Addison will cling to you unless you make her let go and then she'll swim to the edge.  She would much rather have her floaty on and not have to hold her breath, etc.  I know that with time she'll want to not get left behind by little sister.

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