Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Adventure: CiCi's Pizza

The girls had their first adventure to CiCi's pizza.  We have eaten their pizza To Go but never gone inside.  Something about a buffet and germs.  Jordan thought we should take them so off we went last Sunday.

While we were there I have a story that I must write about so Landry can remember it for later.  We went around 4:30p to eat, so there were about 10 people in the restaurant at the time.  Everyone got their pizza and ate.  Of course Addison and Landry were "finished" first.  They asked to go play on the arcade games in the back of restaurant.  We said yes because there weren't a lot of people and we could see them for the most part.  Jordan and I continued eating while they played and ran back to the table numerous times.  Both us were taking turns going to the arcade games to check on them and assist with the games.  At one point Addison had come back to the table to eat some more with Jordan and I at the table.  Therefore Landry was back there by herself.  No problem.  She was "playing" the games.  It was my turn to go check on her, so I got up and went to the back of the restaurant and looked and looked and could not find her.  I swear my heart stopped at this point.  I looked everywhere in the back of the restaurant (restrooms, arcade games, employee areas) and I couldn't find her.  I immediately went back towards the front yelling for Jordan.  He was cool, calm, and collective and said she couldn't have gone far.  Really?  We both looked everywhere in the back of the restaurant.  I went back towards the front to look around there.  As I was walking to the front I hear Jordan call for me.  He had found her.

Where was she?  In the men's restroom.  Jordan had gone in there to check and she was flushing the toilet and turned around and said "Daddy I poopoo."  She thought she was so big and had done it all by herself.  Jordan said he couldn't get mad, he just smiled and said good job honey.  I laughed so hard.  Really?  She had no idea that her momma was panicked and scared to death.  What are we going to do with this kid?  She definitely keeps us on our feet.  

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