Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 8th Anniversary

July 2, 2013: Happy 8th Anniversary

When you're a young woman you start to really think about what kind of man you would like to marry.  Throughout life you have take mental notes of the qualities that you would like to him to possess.  When you're young, you think you'll get everything on your list but as most of us know not everyone's perfect.  I however, think I came about as close as I could ask for.  God made the perfect man for me.  We both have our flaws, but overall I couldn't ask for someone better for me and our girls.  He is one of the most unselfish people I know.  He always strives to be the best husband, best friend, and father.  Daily he helps with the house, yard, girls, etc.  He has never forsaken me and I have never not trusted him.  He makes me smile, laugh, and feel like the most beautiful bride.  I cannot think him enough for completing my life 8 years ago.  I love you Jordan Austin Griffin.  I look forward to another 8 years.  May our future together be as bright as the first eight were.  

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