Monday, August 22, 2011

How Did Our Grandparents Do It?

Go WITHOUT air conditioning that is.  This past weekend we packed up the car and went to go spend time with my family.  We had a blast and I will get pictures up on the blog from the weekend as soon as I get some a/c in our house.

We got back last night and unpacked the bags, got dinner eaten, and everyone started to settle down.  Then it happened.....the realization that our home was warming up little by little.  I told Jordan to go turn the air down and so he did.  A little bit later I asked him to turn it down again, because it was still hot.  That's when he told me he thought something was wrong with our air conditioning.  What?  It was 109 degress outside and we had two little girls that could not stay in a hot house.

Jordan starting making phone calls and of course no one is in a rush to come fix your air conditioning at 7:30p on a Sunday night.  Jordan thought for sure someone would be able to fix it last night, but it was getting really warm so I packed all of our bags back up just in case we needed to go somewhere for the night.  In the meantime, the girls and I went over to Target to kill some time until I got the final red light that the a/c would not be fixed tonight and we would be spending the night at Jordan's parents.  

It was an interesting evening.  Landry has never slept at Jordan's parents house overnight (which she was the easy one) and Addison only a few times.  The girls got to bed a lot later than normal.  Landry slept with us in a pac n play.  I woke up every time she moved and she started coughing around 3:00a.  Addison slept in a totally different room by Jordan's parents room.  She was uneasy about sleeping in there by herself.   Can't blame her - it's dark, unfamiliar, etc.  Alyson said she woke up at 2:00a just screaming scared to death.  So Alyson went and slept with her.  Thanks Gingy!!!  

I got up this morning and out of the house before anyone was even up.  Jordan calls me to inform me that it was a "very interesting" morning.  Landry woke up in a half way descent mood, but Addison on the other hand was no happy at all.  

Our family does very well with routine and familiarity and when you take us out of our comfort zone, we get kind of uneasy (especially Jordan and Addison - one in the same).  It's time like these that we are grateful for our family and friends, however I realize that our children feel safe and comfortable in our home.  That makes me smile and proud.  I know that we are our children's comforters and stability and that makes me even more proud.

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