Monday, August 29, 2011

Things they say...

Addison is full of words these days.  Her vocabulary grows every day.  There are some days that she says things we didn't even know she knew of.

Oh my gosh or oh my goodness

Bicep, Tricep, Deltoid

Ayudame (help in spanish)

Conversation with Addison:
A: Sister go in trash
Me: Sister in trash?
A: Yes, Sister in trash
Me: Why
A: She go bye bye

Addison got in trouble the other day because she was standing up in the chair at the dinner table.  Jordan told her to go to her room.  Of course, our super sensitive child cries all the way into her room and says "Dadda, Dadda."  After a few minutes Jordan tells her she can come out now.  She goes and sits in his lap and here's how the conversation goes:

Jordan: Why did you get in trouble?
Addison: Because
Jordan: Because Why?
Addison: Because Daddy's mad.
Jordan: Why is Daddy mad?
Addison: Because I won't sit down.

Now we know for sure that she totally understands what's going on.  I think it's cute that she says because, mommy or daddy are mad first.

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