Monday, August 1, 2011

Landry is Crawling/Pulling Up

Landry is crawling!  She started crawling last Friday.  Here's how Jordan told me she was crawling.  I was at work on Friday afternoon.  He had called and we were just having a regular ole conversation and before he let me go, he said I guess I should go ahead and tell you....Landry's crawling.  I wish he would have seen my face.  It lit up like a Christmas tree.

Our little girl is on the move.  I thought I had my hands full before but let the real test begin.  It saddens me to know that "my baby" is not a baby anymore.

Landry also started pulling up in the crib and standing up, so Jordan lowered the bed this weekend.  It's so cute to watch her in the monitor with those bitty eyes.  She looks at the monitor and studies it so hard.  It's like she knows we're looking at her, even though I know she's just looking at the green light.

On a side note - she has her first cold.  She's started having a runny nose, congestion, and sneezing yesterday.  I'd say that's pretty good to go 8 months without being sick.  We'll see if repeats itself a lot more once she starts MDO at the end of August.

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