Friday, August 12, 2011

From Beginning to End

Addison's last day of Mother's Day Out is today.  She started in August of 2010 and now she completes a full year of MDO today.  They are having a carnival day with cotton candy, snow cones, etc.  She is so excited.  We have been talking about it the last few days and she smiles so big.

What a year.  Our little girl has changed so much.  Her first day at MDO she cried and cried.  This was kind of the theme for the first few months.  I knew she wasn't very good with others, so I knew that we had to get her into socializing more.  We'd have to go through some pain before the results would come, but they have come.

I spoke with her teacher, Mrs. Theresa the other day about how much she has changed.  Her teacher had such sweet things to say about her.  We discussed how she used to hate coming and now she's the one that participates the most and how Theresa loves to have her in class.  She knows her ABCs, numbers, songs.  I am so thankful that her teacher took her under her wing and has helped her blossom into the little girl that she is.  We talk about school a lot with Addison and she loves to name her "friends" in her class.

We're looking forward to starting the 2011-2012 MDO for both Addison and Landry on August 29th (I know Gingy is too).  Just for fun, I put some pictures of Addison before her first day of MDO last year and one from this morning.

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