Thursday, August 4, 2011


About a year ago, Jordan and I decided that bath time was "momm's time" with the girls.  This gives me time to spend with the girls with no distractions and Jordan time to be quite.  There are times that I just sit and watch them play.  They have no idea that I'm watching but I'm soaking in their little personalities and those little memories.  I love "momma time."

Sometimes I think the bathtub is the only place that I can get a picture of the two girls together.  One day I'll be able to take a picture when they both have clothes on and we can all communicate, which would be another year.  

Bath time seems to be Landry's favorite.  I have a video of the two of them in the bath that I'll post soon. It's too cute.  

Love Landry's little rolls

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