Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Addison: 28 months

Eating sushi for the first time

  • Loves to dance/gallop
  • Things she says:
    • thank you momma, thank you
    • giraff poo poo
    • I'll ask her why did you do that and her response is "because"
  • Potty trained except for at night time
  • Favorite foods: chips, guacamole, milk, strawberries, candy (still not a very good eater)
  • Watches Bubble Guppies, Jack and the Never Land Pirates
  • Size 6-7 shoes
  • Starting to play more with Landry
  • Loves to watch the movie Cars in her bed
  • Watches garbage truck every Thursday when it picks up trash
  • Loves to watch youtube videos of tractors, garbage trucks, and firetrucks
  • Tells you Love You back

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