Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I tell Landry she's a raccoon.  Any time she finds a way to get into the pantry she searches the trash can to see what might look tasty.  Last week I found her eating McDonalds french fries and licking a lid of chocolate pudding.  I didn't get pictures of the french fries, but I was able to get pudding pictures.

She acts like we don't feed her, but believe you me we do.  She eats all the time.  It's amazing to see how much more she eats than Addison (almost 3).  I didn't know children could eat like that.  It definitely makes feeding her much easier than picky Addison.

Me trying to figure out what's on her face
Evidence - pudding wrapping
Don't you just love the pudding on the floor.  When we bought the house I didn't think we would still be in the house we are, so I went with a lighter carpet.  Bad idea!!!  That's why Jordan says we will not move to another home until the girls are old enough to not make messes all day long.  ha
"It was so yummy to my tummy, and I did it all by myself."

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