Friday, March 30, 2012



So often we, as consumers we only spread the word about bad customer service.  However, this time I want to talk about what sincere customer service we received last Saturday at our local Yogurtville.  

The place was packed.  As we were going through the line to get ice cream in our bowl, we noticed that the chocolate yogurt spout, pan underneath, and the floor was covered melted chocolate ice cream.  Someone had left a huge mess and not told an employee about it.  I asked Jordan to tell the young lady behind the counter so they could clean it up before someone slipped.  While we were putting the goodies on our yogurt the young lady cleaned it up.  We got to the end of the bar to pay for our ice cream and she gave it to us for free.  She thanked us for telling them about it, so that they could clean it up.  Wow.  Now that's customer service.  She didn't have to do that at all.  They just won a customer for life.  We will definitely be going back.

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