Monday, March 26, 2012

Water Bucket

I'm playing a little catch up on the blog.  One day the post from the weekend will be posted that next week instead of two weeks later but until then this is how it will get done.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here, which I am so grateful for.  Our girls do so much better when they can get outside.  They will stay out all day long and debate with you when and why they have to go inside (Addison).  Landry just throws a fit - I'm sure there will be more posts on this in the near.  She's learning out to throw fits.  Until then let's celebrate water buckets, flip flops, and the play set.

Daddy got Addison a new water bucket
"Mom, why isn't the water coming out?"
"Arghhh."  Addison is in love with being a pirate and looking for a buried treasure.  She's holding the stem of the baseball tee.  

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