Friday, June 22, 2012

Evening Walks

A few times a week we take the girls on a walk/ride.  We have a different strategy depending on how long the walks are.  If the girls want to go and Buddy gets to tag along then we just walk a block.  One girl walks Buddy on the leash and the other pushes the baby in the stroller.   It's the cutest thing.  They change out responsibilities once we turn around to go back home.  Surprisingly they exchange without a fight, even though they would both love to walk Buddy.

Short Walks

If I want to get some exercise in and I know they aren't in the mood for a lot of walking because it's so hot then they get to scoot along in the Barbie Jeep while I walk.  Addison drives the Jeep down to the playground and we play for a bit and head back home.  Runners and walkers on the trail think it's the cutest thing.

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