Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After 6 years of being tortured by the sun every summer on our back porch, Jordan and I decided we needed some protection for us and the girls.  The girls have all these toys in the backyard, but we didn't want to go back there because it was too dang hot.  The solution would be to build a pergola.  


We are so fortunate to have a neighbor that is very handy and is very patient.  He and Jordan spent many a hours together gathering pictures, drawings, wood, screws, etc.  I stopped keeping count of how many times they went to either Lowes or Home Depot.  Luckily Lowes is about 2 miles from the house.  The process started on a Thursday and they were finished with the pergola by Sunday.  There was a lot of blood and sweat put into this thing.  What a blessing Evans (in picture below) was to our family.  Along with Evans, one of his friends Tim helped and Keith McKethan.  Great friends are priceless.

I will try and get some better pictures once we get flowers, furniture, etc. there.  It's a work in progress. We absolutely love it.  We are out there every day and most evenings.  Why we didn't do it years ago, I don't know.

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