Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend started off with every kids request for breakfast - chocolate spindle donut.  Normally Jordan goes to the donut store on Saturday morning before the girls get up, but us girls let him sleep in.  I loaded them up and off we went.  Addison was in ah of all the donuts.  I told her she could pick up whichever donut she wanted.  Below is her choice.

She told the lady at the counter - "I can't wait to show my dad.  He loves Spiderman."
Ha.  He doesn't watch Spiderman at all but they have this inside story with the two of them and Uncle Gray.

This is what happens to your dinner when you take the other one to go potty.  Landry is known for making messes.
Addison got her bed from Pottery Barn and then we found this cute comforter set at Dillards.  It's so hard to match the blue wall paint, but we got pretty dang close.  I'll call it a win.  More decor and final touches to come.

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