Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Landry 18 Month Checkup

I got to take Miss Landry to her 18 month checkup with Dr. Lanman.  It's so cute to watch her little personality and reaction when she gets to go somewhere with either Jordan or me without anyone else (Addison in particular).  You can tell she feels really important and special.  Like it's her time to shine and get all the attention.  

Well, her report came out great.  We had Landry at the doctor a few weeks ago for strep and double ear infection, so I was anxious to see if everything had cleared up.  Clear bill of health and no shots.  Yipee!!!  A sucker and sticker later was all Landry needed to make that a successful trip.

18 Month checkup stats:
Weight: 25.4 lbs (50-75%)
Length: 32" (50-75%)
Head: 47" (50-75%)

 Favorite Food: any, but really like white powdered donuts
No fear of climbing, jumping
Love to dance, read books
Sleep with blankie, bear, and puppy
Listen very well to commands - started sleeping on your nap map at MDO
Watch everything Addison does
Head strong, but sweet as can be
Win everyone over with your smile
Get your feelings hurt easily when you get in trouble
Independent - as much as you can be
Jump and land stomach first from the ottoman to couch
Fascinated with opening/closing doors
Very interested in Addison's potty and have gone multiple times - hope you're quick to potty train

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